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Into the Radius is receiving a major update this week that introduces a large variety of game additions and improvements to the Early Access Virtual Reality game currently available on Steam and the Oculus Store.

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Here’s everything new coming in Milestone Update 5:

  • New tutorial, even veteran players are advised to complete it because it explains new and changed mechanics
  • Updated map with new areas to explore
  • Doors and Drawers are fully interactable now, along with lots of junk items to throw around
  • Stealth has been revamped, giving monsters a reaction delay that is increased by how well hidden you are
  • Shooting enemies now have to reload
  • New handheld Map containing mission info, collected tape recordings and more
  • General UI improvements, menus are interactable with fingers
  • Improved object inspection / interaction UI
  • Improved climbing mechanic
  • Mission Computer offers multiple missions to select from
  • Improved projectile physics (Ricochet, Material penetration, Bullet drop distance) Different calibers have different properties: 9mm is less ricochet prone that 7.62x39, so use it in CQB
  • New Anomaly & Artifact distribution, now Anomalies will often appear in cluster mazes with artifacts in the middle
  • New way to heal - Injector, bought from shop, slowly regenerates health
  • New weapons: Kedr SMG with 2 types of mag, SKS-Norinko Carbine it accepts AKM mag long and short version
  • New ammo type for 12x70 shotgun - bullet, flies longer has better penetration, accuracy at range
  • New Artifact type - Steps
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