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Round up of Starter for 10, finally getting into Alpha and early testing of the game with a quick Q&A before the QA!

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On the 4th of September we had our final workshop as part of Starter for 10. After six months of very hard work we managed to succeed in our goal and reach Alpha!

The game is now considerably more game like than it was back in April when I first assembled this page. The game modes exist, the arenas are done, the characters have their animations and even the menu is looking swanky.

Soon we'll be uploading some in-game video and hopefully some sort of vlog with regular updates.

I've made a very short animation in celebration but it's currently mute.


Your only at Alpha? I thought it was coming out now.

A. It was always our intention to reach a playable Alpha stage by the 4th and we have met that goal. Hopefully our followers will have confidence in us meeting our future deadlines too!

Q. Why is it taking so long to make?

A. Back in April we dumped XNA in order to switch to UDK. This meant starting from the beginning again and for some members of the team it also meant learning UDK and Unreal Script from scratch. In these six months we have gone from absolutely nothing to our playable Alpha.

Q. When will it come out?

A. We're now aiming for a January release. Now we have something playable it's time to test, test and test until we have this thing perfect! We're allowing for three months of testing and tweaking.

Q. Now its in Alpha, can I help test?

Yes! Right now the game is quite limited so internal testing is sufficient, but as we get on we will certainly be needed help from the community to track down and eliminate bugs and get feedback.

If you guys have any questions please ask me in the comments bellow or PM me!

We're getting into really exciting times here at Infinite Playground, lets see what develops over the coming months!

Starter for 10 is a competition providing catalyst investments and business support for Creative SMEs to develop and launch new digital products. It forms part of the Creative Industries iNet (Innovation Network), a £3.2 million programme of support designed to help creative businesses thrive and advance the area’s growing reputation as a global creative centre of excellence. The iNet is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and led by Creative England.

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