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InterWave starts first gaming project: Distant Hope.

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Distant Hope

Distant Hope is an upcoming Source engine mod played out in the aftermath of World War III, which features hard hitting combat for survival after the great nations crumble.


Death came swiftly on wings of night. The crisis and conflict that sent the first ICBM roaring into the sky is now lost to science, but one was all it took. Defence networks were triggered, automated systems kicked in, and before the first night of World War III was over, most of mankind’s population centres, army bases and supplies vanished in a thousand flashes of light, silent and surgical.

There was no deployment, no strategy, no engagements. Missiles - chemical, fusion and fission wiped most of mankind clean off the map. The survivors woke to a world in ruins, with most infrastructures gone, no governments, no standing armies, no direction. World War III was both the shortest and longest war in the history of warfare: it was over in hours, and yet ten years later, we are still fighting in its throes, lost and broken, our very days a struggle for survival, a human race where the victors get to live to fight on another day. Our one, distant hope, is to fight hard enough and long enough that a bite is taken out of the chaos that our world has become, so that we can sit and rest for a day... one single day without bloodshed and violence.

Distant Hope Environment

  • Post-apocalyptic (after or during World War III, maybe 20-30 years from now)
  • Post-nuclear; World War III being a nuclear war between the giant nations Main countries involved: Russia, North Korea, Iran, China, Germany, USA, UK, France, ...
  • Primarily urban environment, think of how "I Am Legend" looked except a little more extreme.
  • Multiple cities.. New York, London, Moscow, Shanghai, Tokyo, etc.
  • Artwork, etc. should be believable... nothing too futuristic.
  • Large-scale maps that support up to 64 players


World War III is almost over and you are part of one of the three armies that is maybe still able to save the world from total destruction. Setup a squad with a select group of friends and get ready to infiltrate in Distant Hope.More info at distanthope.com.

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