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It’s time to bring out the “T” in tactical combat!

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This update we’re introducing the first iteration of one of our central tactical movement mechanics; namely the ability to boost your movement stance at the expense of noise (volume/range) and weapon accuracy.

To increase the immersion and dynamics of the combat we’ve added casings and smoke to the SMG as well as impact light to metal sparks. We’ve also added a few additional options to the settings menu such as v-sync, audio options and post-process effects.

Finally we’ve fixed another nice little batch of bugs, errors and inconsistencies based on all your invaluable feedback.

Version: 0.5.2 (minor update)
Released: 12th of July 2013

Early Access Update #2

New Features

  • ADDED: walk/run movement (affects sounds and weapon accuracy)
  • UPDATED: weapon gun model is affected by hip aiming, zooming and movement speeds (multiplayer)
  • ADDED: casing and ejection smoke effects to weapon
  • ADDED: post-processing effects to settings
  • ADDED: "v-sync" toggle option to settings
  • ADDED: audio volume and mute option to settings
  • ADDED: light flashes on metal impact effects
  • ADDED: subconscious impulse


  • UPDATED: short wait period (0.5s) after spawn before you can shoot
  • UPDATED: mouse sensitivity in settings to a broader selectable range
  • UPDATED: so only the tonemapping and bloom post-process effects are on by default (performance)
  • UPDATED: the red dot to be slightly smaller
  • UPDATED: the IM logo in menu to include the Early Access update number
  • UPDATED: level camera so it respects the post-processing effects from settings
  • UPDATED: level camera to change positions in half the time


  • FIXED: "game crashes when using FRAPS and starting game"
  • FIXED: Steam exception thrown on quit
  • FIXED: "ODD warning doesn't show in OSX"
  • FIXED: "cannot bind Shift and other modifier keys"
  • FIXED: so bindings are not overwritten if already bound during load
  • FIXED: "bindings are reset to default when not bound"
  • FIXED: "sometimes weapon fires a bunch of bullets on spawn"
  • FIXED: "if firing while going to a menu, the weapon doesn't stop firing"
  • FIXED: "if holding fire while reloading the weapon doesn't start firing when reloading ends"
  • FIXED: "settings button still selected when going from intro to menu"
  • DISABLED: the buggy helmet occlusion prototype

Keep the great feedback coming!


Your team at Zero Point Software

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the walk/run option added so much! it's like a whole new game

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