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One thing that I haven't seen in games is the different kind of forces applied to stuff left inside space ships, this is going to change with this game.

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There are several forces experienced inside spaceships, I haven't seen any game with those forces accounted yet. For example if you leave on the floor your equipement and your ship accelerates and turns at the same time all the stuff should move around if friction can't hold those items on the floor, in this small example all the stuff left on the floor is bouncing around my ship because I made it accelerate and turn in circles at the same time.


Acceleration also affect crew members and if not properly sit they will fly and get hurt, so it will be very important to keep your ship tidy and clean and everything stored properly. Also in absence of gravity things will move faster until hit something and that can be anything and at the same time those items will get damaged if not stored.

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