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Ok so I was totally feeling like garbage last update and I didn't get to talk much.... here is a bit.

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As many of you read last week I was most ill and unfortunately I forgot to post yesterday... here is a short video showing off some of the new effects.

One thing that you guys will notice is that the video is of an effect that already existed, that much is true but that effect used over 20 particles per emission and it was not as convincing as this new dust. The new dust looks great and it is only 4 particles. Also you can see the new mech explosion. I spent a large part of last weekend on these two effects and the muzzle flashes for all of the units. While it is not as exciting as a new unit it is still work that needed to be done.

In the time prior to this weekend I added in the new zeon conyard model(YAY YAY) and tweaked the experience gain of the units. While experience gained by units only really increases rate of fire for units it is still pretty important also for target prioritization in battles. The new conyard was most of the work prior to this last weekend.

Until next weekend, see you guys then and I hope you are all having a great time playing the current release. The next one is going to be stellar and no worries the wait is going to be worth it! I know I say this a lot but each step taken towards the next release is so exciting for me.


Nice new effects.
Less is more seems to work here ;)

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lookin' good

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