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This week's update brings new UI elements to help manage your science economy.

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The latest update for Intelligent Design is available to download now. I've spent the week working on memory optimisations which should improve performance for a lot of you. A bug whereby the plants were not resizing correctly when you changed certain genetics has been fixed. This means, if you invest in science and figure out how, you can make some crazy big plants now! Finally I've added some UI elements to the resource collectors. The collectors will tell you how much biomass they are generating each second. This is effected by the humidity and number of plants within each buildings range. The research stations tell you how much science they are generating. That depends on your organism level, the research station upgrade level and the number of organisms within each building's range. Hopefully this will help you plan your upgrade paths more effectively, or at least give you more interesting things to think about. Below I've posted some screenshots of the new build and also a let's play video by Randomise User. I wanted to highlight that video because he did a really good job explaining what the game is about, investigation and discovery. If you do a let's play or steam yourself let me know and I'll feature it on my YouTube channel.

Intelligent Design Update 16 Intelligent Design Update 16

Intelligent Design Update 16 Intelligent Design Update 16

Intelligent Design Update 16 Intelligent Design Update 16



Will we see such stuff in version #20? :D

Just joking, of course ;) Or am I?...

Is there a way to make evolutionary traits more pronounced on the creatures?
I understand that they are very simple low-poly models and I'm absolutely 100% fine with that ( I wouldn't even wanted them to be some AAA BS ;P ) but seeing something more visually verbose would be awesome.

Also, it doesn't seem that planet's climate has all that much to do with our creatures - it's like closed system with internal feedback AFAIK. If I'm wrong, please correct me.

Youtube.com << I recently viewed this review and it immediately reminded me of your I.D. game. Do you think that adding environment micromanagement factor would be worth it?

With current state of creatures as "droplets" running around certainly not. But if they could grow additional body parts I believe it would be completely different talk ;)

Keep up the good work, mate! Good to see that you're constanlty working on it. Frequent updates are awesome.


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SeanWalton Author

Visual verboseness is something I would like more of as well. There are a number of genes which effect the look of the creatures at the moment, but more would be good. It is a very difficult problem I think about a lot! I guess I could mess with the aspect ratio a bit?

The planet's climate is not effected by the creatures, but in theory I could add that. Would it be worth it? I don't know... I have thought about having sprinkler buildings to push biomass into an area. I don't want to go overboard with new features... I like the contrast between the simple player actions and very complex internal model.

Thanks for the comments and support!

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