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The latest update for Intelligent Design, a god game with incremental elements, is available to download now. The main highlight is a new map to try and create an ecosystem in.

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Intelligent Design Update 15 Intelligent Design Update 15

The latest update to Intelligent Design is available to download now. Full patch notes follow the video below. The updates include lots of polish based on user feedback but the main addition is a new map.

Intelligent Design Update 15 Intelligent Design Update 15

The new map is the largest of the three. In my head I wanted to create a dried out river bed. This results in a long valley, I'm hoping this will result in some interesting adaptions as the plants try to spread uphill.

Full patch notes:

  • Added a third map
  • Added a volume slider to the system menu
  • Tool tips now appear when the player mouses over a button
  • Player starting location has been moved Added a quick message at start of game
  • Changed size of unlock window so you no longer have to scroll
  • Force field slider only appears when force field is on
  • There are now range indicators for all buildings
  • When focus is lost from the menu it selects the last selected button rather than the creature button
  • Increased science income rate slightly
  • Added some controls diagrams to tooltips
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