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Instructions Manual of the game "Sir Quest and the temple of Apollo"

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GENRE: Action and adventure with puzzles and platforms.

PLATFORM: PC-compatible Windows.


  • "Sir Quest and the Temple of Apollo," a 3D action adventure where a treasure hunter medieval knight will delve into a Greek mysterious temple in search of the flying artifact which according to mythology Daedalus used to escape with his son Icarus from the Labyrinth of Minotaur.
  • We have to discover the secrets of the ancient temple of Apollo, dodging traps and platforms while we face a lot of mythological beings with our sword before the last grain of sand falls in the clock of destiny.


  • - 3D third person.
  • - Various types of enemies.
  • - Four types of control.
  • - Dynamic lighting and shadows.
  • - Reflection as materials.
  • - Specular effects.
  • - Particle systems.
  • - Environmental effects.
  • - Effects of fire and water.
  • - Regeneration random puzzles.
  • - Controls the sword with mouse movements.
  • - Minigame temple of Knossos to save game with coins.

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  • The main character is a medieval knight dressed in chain mail, leather breastplate,iron shoulder pads, helmet, coat, shield and sword.
  • You can perform various actions such as attack, cover, run, jump, crouch, grab and use items.


  • - Soldier Automaton: Greek soldier made of bronze or iron
  • - Explosive Automaton: walker that exploits with contact
  • - Warrior of Medusa: Magical skeleton with the ability to turn into stone
  • - Minotaur of fire: indestructible magical fire being
  • - The wrath of Apollo: The ultimate protection of the wings of Daedalus


  • - Currencies: Increase our score and lets you record the game.
  • - Potions: Recover part of the vital energy.
  • - Hourglasses: Recover the lost time.
  • - Powers: Temporary improvements such as speed, strength and shield.




  • - Cursor arrows: Direction + camera
  • - Control: Attack
  • - Shift: Crouch / Take / Use / Cover
  • - Spacebar: Jump
  • - Key P: Pause.
  • - Esc: Exit

Joystick / Gamepad:

  • - Left Joystick: Direction / Run
  • - Left button: Attack
  • - Right button: Crouch / Take / Use / Cover
  • - Down button: Jump
  • - Joystick right: Camera
  • - Up button: Center the camera

Keyboard + Mouse:

  • - Cursor arrows: Direction
  • - Left Mouse Button: Attack
  • - Central button mouse: Crouch / Take / Use / Cover
  • - Right mouse button: Jump
  • - Mouse movement: Camera


  • - Cursor arrows: Direction
  • - Left mouse button + mouse movement: Attack in different directions
  • - Central button mouse: Crouch / Take / Use / Cover
  • - Right mouse button: Jump
  • - Moving the mouse: Camera



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