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How to install and play X-Piratez, how to use OXCE

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REQUIRES A COPY OF X-COM: UFO DEFENSE (1994); available on Steam and GOG
Provided file is Windows installation. To play on other platforms (Linux, Android, Mac, iOS), you need to download a version of OXCE engine for your platform from here:

Warning: while OXCE supports Mac, XPZ does not due to using .gif files. This is on purpose (On both sides, Mac deprecated .gif format support). Mac users are advised to either find a way to convert them to .png, or, better, get rid of their thrash hardware.

- Run Windows in Administrator mode
- Unpack the mod. It will create a complete Openxcom_XPiratez folder with all the files that you need.
- Copy files from your original "UFO: Enemy Unknown"/"X-Com: UFO Defense" folder to the "OpenXcom_XPiratez/UFO" folder.
- Run by OpenXcomEx.Exe

for further info, take a look into readme files in the release package.

DISCORD CHANNEL got NUKED by the Discord company on unproven claims, blanket ban on over 200 users. I advise everyone to leave this unreliable platform.

Online BootyPedia:
(the previous one Xpiratez.wtf is no longer available because it was cancelled in unclear circumstances by the hosting company)

Rock Paper Shotgun reviews (dated):

X-Piratez is created mostly by a single author (Dioxine) and powered by coffee, tea and cigarettes he cannot always afford. DONATIONS WELCOME.

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