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Summary of what has been going on with Tree. As of now its been mostly school.

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Evening everyone.

Alright, so I don't know if anyone knew this but I started school again in my sophomore year at high school. It seems exciting but I had homework EVERY SINGLE DAY last week and I had absolutely no time to work on Inn the Tunnels, whatsoever. Although, I must confess I really haven't been working on Inn the Tunnels as much as I would like to admit. I started a new mod a while back that I decided to keep producing. I got really into it, and I feel like it has more puzzles and more concentrated scares than Inn the Tunnels did. So, I might be putting Inn the Tunnels to the side for now because I really got into the other mod (I'll post it later) and plus school has been a huge pain.
Anyways, that is all. If there are any concerns as to what is up with Inn the Tunnels and me not working on it, sorry but yeah.


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