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A little bit on what Tree has been up to, and so yes that and the title kind of explains it all.

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Evenin' all.

So, yeah the title kind of says it all. Really I haven't been working on it as much as I hoped for because I kind of fell out of the gist of it, I'm not feeling it. Not exactly motivated to do it, and I know its a bummer but I tried to keep it creepy. As of now what I am doing is checking for bugs and sorts and fixing some problems I had before. I do apologize but I have been going through some really tough times here and I need a break or something. I'll most likely add a beta or another part like a Machine for Pigs with more puzzles. Really I'm looking for more experience before I release another CS, so I'll send this one out and then probably be gone for a while.
Sorry for any inconvenience, but I do need some time off and I don't want people hanging. I'll finish up some stuff and post the full version later. I'll work on something new depending on what I want to do or not. Anyways, again sorry for those who were watching and I'll release the full version soon, with the bug fixes and sorts.
NOTE: if you downloaded the demo you will have to go through the prologue again. I reassure you the lantern will be easier to find this time, so be aware.


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