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Helicopter mod release features, notes and description.

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Steam Workshop page

Available layers:
Heli_trg_Kohat (features helicopter locations from AAS v1, Ins v1, Inv v1 and RAAS v1)
Heli_trg_Tallil_Outskirts (features helicopter locations from RAAS v1 and AAS v1)
Heli_trg_Gorodok (features helicopter locations from RAAS v1, AAS v2, Inv v1)
Heli_trg_Yehorivka (features helicopter locations from RAAS v1 and AAS v1)
Heli_trg_Mutaha (features helicopter locations from AAS v1 and RAAS v2)
Heli_trg_Mutaha_night (features night setting and GB main base from Inv v1)

Main features:
1. All helicopter respawns set to 10seconds.
2. All staging timers set to 30 seconds.
3. All player respawn penalties reduced to 0 seconds.
4. All pilot classes given a customised C4 charge to destroy unrepairable aircraft. Main base protection removed.
5. Vehicle claiming and specialist kit limits disabled.

Future aims (in order):
1. Add a layer for Mutaha featuring all helicopter base locations. IN PROGRESS
2. Add helicopters to other Squad maps (possibly as a separate mod) for fun/interest.
3. Rebuild mod to be more streamlined based on recent updates (low priority).

Known bugs:
1. Tallil Outskirts minimap is black.
2. Bottom right hand side supplies counter does not function. Radial menu counter functions correctly.
3. All Russian soldiers and equipment regardless of map will be wearing woodland uniform. This is due to a custom faction being made for pilots to carry C4. It will not be fixed.

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