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More ingame screenshots from the area of Wraithrim and new artwork.

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Greetings fellow indies!

We have a handful of new ingame screenshots from the area of Wraithrim as well as some nice (I wouldn't dare saying cute) artwork!

These two shrines to Ether Fire and Ether Earth seem welcoming to those brave enough...to touch them.

The Crossroads... make a pact with a ...nevermind

As you walk towards the Muddling Woods, nature seems twisted and defiled...
The areas near the woods, like the old stables have been abandoned..

Andraskal the Beast-Eater. This enormous beast is a gigantic slaughtering machine whose only purpose is to kill and consume the Beastmen race and animals alike.


Ascended Deity

God of Plundering

The Pirate King, Taker of Riches, The Treasure Hunter

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