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"Growsim" is moving along well. I'm currently adding new features and balancing out the interactions between different components in the sim. There is a lot planned and a few concerns to address. Updates and screen shots will appear first on the game blog.

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The goal is to update the status, information, screens, and so forth each week as I try to complete weekly builds of the game. If there are any specific questions or requests for information, feel free to drop me a line.

The game is not a hardcore simulation nor is it a casual game. Micro-managing every tiny detail is not something I find fun for too long, nor do I like the shallow nature of casual games, but there's something to be said for being in control of the details and having fun doing it. That's my goal with "Growsim"--something easy to use, fun to play, but with enough depth to make you want to keep playing.

That means some of the grittier things will be abstracted or combined to consolidate certain decisions into a smaller package; for example, keeping the interface to one screen when configuring a plant rather than dozens of sliders, buttons, and check-boxes. Instead of a twenty-item list of possible bucket types and rooting mediums, there are a few of each that interact in different ways with other equipment. The idea is that every item available is useful and different combinations always have a use without one being the best for anything.

There's no real focus on graphics and sound. I've used mostly free resources for the visual elements and sounds. I'm not an artist but I am a believer that gameplay is much more important, particularly with a simulation-style game. Icons and text summarize the information and interface actions into logical groups without having to drill down through sub-menus. Sound is primarily for feedback: clicking on actions, sounds of a plant growing, event alerts, and so on.

"Growsim" should run fine any decent computer--sorry no touch / mobile version planned at this time. Platforms include Windows/Mac/Linux PC and web-based PC. A free version will be released along with a paid version (under $10); the free version won't allow a license renewal (1 year of in-game play), but all other features will be fully available.

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