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I-Novae Studios has been in full development since successfully reaching our Kickstarter goal back in November of 2015. We exceed our minimum funding goal by 11%, with $332,620 funds raised via 5,828 backers. Since then we’ve raised an additional ~$20,000 through our IndieGoGo campaign.

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I-Novae Studios has been in full development since successfully reaching our Kickstarter goal back in November of 2015. We exceed our minimum funding goal by 11%, with $332,620 funds raised via 5,828 backers. Since then we’ve raised an additional ~$20,000 through our ongoing IndieGoGo campaign. A big thank you to everyone that has supported us so far, everyone that donated during the campaign, and to those who continue to support our team at I-Novae Studios.

To see what our project is all about, have a look our Prototype planetary system in this video

00 BeautyShot 02

Our DevTier backers have had access to a playable pre-Alpha prototype version of Infinity: Battlescape since February 28th, 2016, they’ve already had an influence on flight controls and gameplay mechanics. Including HOTAS feedback, which we now support in the Proto.

If you are interested in supporting our project, and would like to get access to the Prototype for yourself, then have a look at our active IndieGoGo page.

02 DevTierLaunch 02

Livestream of the DevTier Event - Youtube.com 03:00:00


Below is some of what we’ve been working on for the last few months, you can get a more detailed look at the progress on our IndieGoGo page. We aim to have a general project update out every weekend.

Keith Newton has been keeping busy with company logistics, payroll, financial management and has been serving as our “Legal department.” He’s been forced to wear “many hats” as is often the case with start ups. He’s also been working on the I-Novae app launcher, updating the website, and fixing various engine code as problems arise.

Flavien Brebion has been kept busy improving the I-Novae Engine’s feature set and preparing new builds for our DevTier backers. He’s been posting fairly regular updates on our forums, you can read his many reports here.

Progress from the Art Team
Kristian Agren has been working on concept artwork and placeholder meshes for the various ground bases we’ll be seeing on planet surfaces. The designs are modular, which will allow our team to assemble a broad range of structures while keeping the required workload manageable. He has also been working on the NPC Hauler in order to flesh out our asset pipeline, see images below!

03 ArtUpdate 02

03 ArtUpdate 01

Jan van der Weg and Dan Hutchings have been working on our ship cockpits, both through concept and placeholder mesh design. We want players to feel the brutal industrial style that the Sarake design philosophy follows, which means a tactile interface, hard edges, bare metal plating and visible wiring surrounding a clear wide view through the cockpit. Stations have also been receiving attention, and are currently undergoing a rough detail pass.

Jan has also been developing our asset production pipeline. You can read all about it on our official community forums here.

03 ArtUpdate 03 02

Our goal has been to prioritize and test gameplay as soon as possible, this has meant building simple placeholder meshes to establish scale, function, and design of the various ships / structures we expect to see in the final game.

As you can see in the images below, we’re really driving home a sense of epic scale. 1:1 scale planets will provide the immense landscape, while the massive space stations and ground installations will instill a sense of player driven influence in the Solar System.

03 ArtUpdate 06

03 ArtUpdate 05

We will continue to post weekly updates on our funding pages, social media, and our community forums.

How Can you to support/follow Us?

Thank you for the support so far! We look forward to sharing each step of the process with our backers and fans as things progress!

The I-Novae Studios Team

OhNoesBunnies! - - 1,212 comments

This isn't by that one Derick guy, is it?

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InfinityDevs Author
InfinityDevs - - 20 comments

There are currently five members of the I-Novae Studios team.

You can see more about our studio here.

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Acke02 - - 13 comments

Cool game!

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Guest - - 698,738 comments

Awesome guys, been tracking this game for quite some years.
Nice to see you finally making big steps towards some kind of release.
Keep it on!

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Ghebraant - - 12 comments

Assuming there's still no meaningful singleplayer that is not tutorial in nature. I really wish Star Citizen wasn't the only one one of these recent high profile space games offering singleplayer.

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