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A bit of information about the game and its creator. It's good to know all that you can before entering the Infinite Tubes.

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A game started in 2010 after controversial Fallout modder Frank Slimski left the Fallout modding world and moved on to building content with the Unreal Development Kit. Originally a single-player linear story, the project was scrapped for a return to Frank's gorier Fallout roots with another project entitled "Serial". After re-opening the Infinite Pull project in 2012 with the idea to instead make it an arcade-style game, its current form was born.

"I try, more and more these days, to make games that keep me entertained the whole time I'm developing them. Which is hard, because you see it so much there's this natural inclination to hate it. So I put in things like randomly generated levels and no music so that I can enjoy whatever music I want at the moment I'm playing. These are the things that kept me interested and coming back to play it for fun as I developed it. If something bored me, I tried to omit it if possible, which leaves the end-user with what I believe is a very straight-forward, stream-lined experience that relies on very primal satisfaction to thrill the player. You're falling and catching precious stones on your way down, but the randomness of everything makes it difficult to predict and master. That, coupled with the fast map turnover (30-60 seconds) and you've got something that's easy to get stuck in and say to yourself, 'just one more map, just one more'."

Coming out on Pi day (3-14-2013), Infinite Pull brings some interesting concepts to the gaming world...such as, Does It End? Frank alludes to the claim that the game is possibly infinite. "I want people to be able to outdo their high score for years. I'm certainly trying to test mine all the time. Sometimes you get into this zen trance while falling and you're poppin' points left and right, and you're thinking, 'man this game is so easy' and then SMACK into a platform and it's all over. One life. That's all you get. So the higher your score gets, the more tense the action becomes."

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