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Frank Slimski pushes back the release of Infinite Pull from 3-14 to 3-21, citing further beta testing as the reason.

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Hey all. Just writing to let all of you know that the release of Infinite Pull, the arcade game with RPG elements, will be pushed back 1 week. As anyone who's played my Fallout mods knows, I love Pi and the sphere and was hoping for a Pi Day (3-14) release. But alas, it just wouldn't be right to release something I wasn't sure was bug-free. So the new release date is 3-21-2013.

I've added so many cool new features to the game in this final month of production, there's just more beta testing that's needed. For example, oxygen reserve tanks have been added. When the player reaches a certain depth in the Infinite Tubes, that player will need supplemental oxygen to breathe. So there are now appearing and disappearing oxygen pickups that refill the player's oxygen. If the player runs out of oxygen, paralysis and death occurs very quickly. If the player picks up an oxygen cartridge when they have full oxygen, the player is awarded 5,000 points. 2 new perks have also been added in conjunction with the oxygen. They are 'Void Breather' and 'Oxygen Addict'.

I am also looking to pick up perhaps one or two new beta testers. If you are interested in getting involved, just send me a message here or at my website.

Thanks to everyone. I apologize for postponing the game, but it'll be worth the short wait.

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