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Infektor gets released for Mac and comes to Steam Greenlight in hopes to infect Windows and Linux as well.

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Infektor goes live on Mac App Store and Steam Greenlight

Finally, after months in the oven, Infektor sees the light of the day on Mac. And we're on Steam Greenlight as well, hoping to make the Windows and Linux versions a reality as well.

What started as a simple task to port our iOS game to desktop platforms, ended up being a rather massive overhaul of the game itself. It just played so much better with a game controller (or mouse), that we just could not let it go on like that.

So we ended up adding new game mechanics in the form of plasma drops and mutagens. Not to mention new levels and enhanced visuals. I've already written here about plasma drops. As for mutagens, they allow you to modify your microbe's abilities to better suit your play style.

And we are also bringing all those goodies to iOS version as well. Including game controller support. So if you have one of those Moga controllers, you can fully enjoy the hectic gameplay of Infektor.

We have Windows and Linux versions in beta stage (fully functional but not in a distributable form). We would like to release them on Steam if we ever get that chance. You can help that happen by supporting our game on Greenlight.

Mac App Store link: Itunes.apple.com
Steam Greenlight page: Steamcommunity.com

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