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I have started Raw F.O.X's IndieGoGo campaign. Our goal is $800 and all of the funds will go to better assets for Raw F.O.X.

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Today, I launched Raw F.O.X's IndieGoGo Campaign. The goal is at least $800 and all funds will go to better assets for Raw F.O.X. This will help me out greatly because I will finally be able to purchase assets from the Unity3D Store such as better pathfinding and UniStorm, which is the dynamic weather system I'm going to use. Helping out by pledging a certain amount of money will get you rewards. Pledge $20 or more and get access to the CLOSED MULTIPLAYER BETA. Pledge $100 or more and claim your PRE-ORDER FOR RAW F.O.X. You also get access to the closed multiplayer beta. So go on ahead and start contributing to help make Raw F.O.X a better game!

So far, I've started implementing enemies and AI. Right now, the enemies will only notice the player when the player jumps. This is probably the cause of messages being broadcasts and not having any receiver. There are still a lot of problems with the AI, but I know the source of the problem. The NPCs will use the same AI. However, they will not be scripted to shoot at the player(unless they somehow go AWOL). The NPCs will follow the player wherever they move rather than use pathfinding. This way the player doesn't have to always follow the NPCs and can spend as much time in one place as they want without NPCs bugging the shit out of them to move up. Also, NPCs cannot be killed by the player, no matter what. If you do shoot at them, they will start to shoot at you. This adds a bit of humor to the game. The NPCs will also start saying random stuff if you do shoot at them. And they can kill you within a couple of shots. Have you ever had 4 guys all shooting at you at the same time and they can't be killed? Don't betray them.

I've started working partially on the multiplayer. So far, I've only completed the networking. Right now, you can either Create a room, Join a room, or Join a random room. Eventually, I will implement the Custom Weapons Classes to the Multiplayer Menu and Barracks to view your stats. I also need to add the team system and points system. The playlist system will also be implemented later on. This will organize the rooms according to game type such as Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Domination, Sabotage, etc. The team system will be different than other forms of the system. Most of the time, you are randomly assigned to a team at the beginning of the game. In Raw F.O.X, you can chose whichever team you want to be on as long as the other team does not have less than 3 players. There will be a limit of 12 player per room on Team-based game types and 18 on non-team based game types. The multiplayer will be worked on after most of the narrative is finished. When I start working more on the multiplayer, I will take requests for multiplayer maps to be developed. After I get all of the features finished and a couple of maps finished, I will release the CLOSED MULTIPLAYER BETA to any who contributes $20 or more to our IndieGoGo. Please continue to track Raw F.O.X and download the ALPHA 1 available on the Downloads tab. Also, check out Matt Dementous' game Paranormal. It's basically the video game version of Paranormal Activity.

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