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We have been given a chance to go to IndieE3 to show off Dead Inside so please help us get there so we can show them what the indie community can do!

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Vote here: Indiescrashe3.com

Hello guys, a big announcement today... We have been given a chance to go to IndieE3 to show off Dead Inside ! This is the biggest opportunity we have ever had as a small indie group to promote our game and get it out there to the gaming world. But you have to get us nominated to go to IndieE3 and in order to do that you have to vote for us straight away and say why we are awesome and why we should be given the chance to go IndieE3.

What happens if we get voted to go to IndieE3 ? :

Well, we are going to make Dead Inside our main priority and slow down development on God World so we can put everything we have got into the development of Dead Inside to make it the best game we can possibly make. This means that you will get regular updates and much more.

How to vote for us to go to IndieE3 :

Its very, very simple. All you have to do is go to the following website IndieCrashesE3 and type in the authentication code to allow you early entry 86HG5K and fill out the form and tell them why we should go to IndieE3 and you could win a chance to come with us to IndieE3 and meet fellow developers.

So this is a big opportunity for our studio and you can make it a reality for us so please vote for us!
Vote for us here IndieCrashesE3 and enter the authentication code 86HG5K so you can vote for Dead Inside and you might win a chance to go to IndieE3 so please share this and tweet @IndiesCrashE3 saying Dead Inside all the way.

Some work!
Finished Zombie
Finished main character.
Weapon: Small Axe

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