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We are very glad to share with you an interview about 3:00am Dead Time made by Ozzie Mejia, for Indie Games Channel.

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Hi everyone, this will be just a smal article, mostly to share with you an interview about 3:00am Dead Time, offering another look at the development of this HUGE project, which is growing bigger with every day of work.

This interview will offer you a closer look to our vision about what will make 3:00am Dead Time an unique experience, both in gameplay and in features. Don't worry, the dev. diaries will arrive on time this week, this is just a special case.

So, read and enjoy :

Irreverent Software’s J. “Frasier” Pinal on 3:00am Dead Time

Horror has rapidly become a resurgent genre in recent years, whether it’s rooted in action or in the human psyche. Irreverent Software is looking to take the genre somewhere more based in reality — reality shows, that is.

Taking cues from shows like Ghost Hunters, Irreverent looks to bring a new kind of terror to gaming with 3:00am Dead Time.

“We have always been gamers,” said Irreverent programmer J. “Frasier” Pinal. “But we saw that one of our favorite genres, the terror, was losing its essence in the recent years, because most modern games relate terror with zombies or lots of blood and gore. I think that everyone has at least one paranormal or inexplicable experience to tell. We wanted to make a terror game as real the paranormal phenomena can be. We wanted to make a game with stories and experiences the player could relate to — things that could happen to anyone. There wasn’t any game that tried to capture that feeling, the tension and anxiety we feel when, for example, we watch a YouTube home video of a paranormal phenomenon, or when we experience something weird or scary.”...

Read the full interview on the Indie Games Channel website.

Also, be prepared, because with the latest updates that are being made to the game, the levels are scarier than ever before. We are very happy with the results so far, we keep working, and are very glad and confident with the interest you guys are showing. Let's spread the word, to make this project succeed.

Until another article, and keep an eye on our game. BIG news are coming.

The Irreverent Software Team.

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