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An outline of upcoming changes to Morrowind: House Wars mod.

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Hey! It sure has been a while.

I have new plans for MHW and the most important one is to make it look beautiful.
So if you're a modeler or a scener and would like to help, hit me up.

Another thing in line is dungeons with loot, I've been wanting to do that for a while but never had the time.

Obviously fixing freelancer is an important thing too as well as getting more bandits to spawn, fixing ship battles etc etc.

Got lots to do to make this world feel more alive, so stay tuned.


Good luck with this! I'm looking forward to an update.

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OrmirOfSkyrim Author

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to Shivering Isles :)

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This is exciting.

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i'm looking forward to both :') XD

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"I have new plans for MHW and the most important one is to make it look beautiful" there are sooo many bugs and soooo many wrong stuff in this mod. Example: Villages only have Dunmer peasants, im not saying i hate it, its the best mod i played because Morrowind is my favorite game ever, but you released it too soon, you should have take your time and remake the villages, the villagers etc. But it would be acceptable if you didn't knew how to change the villages and stuff. i know your pain though.. i have tried too Dx

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