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It has been about a week after release and here is some notes about the future.

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In Dark from what input I am getting was a success, but definitely a flawed one. Some people had issues with some mapping bugs and other minor things but the point in which I set out in the first place to do was realized. The mod was praised for its story and as you will see in the description that was my personal goal all along. It may not have been perfect but the story was one heck of a ride is definitely the feedback I like to hear. Regardless I am sad to announce that I will be making no more amnesia mods in the future. The reason for this is simply I am moving on to bigger projects that I am far more passionate about. The little known fact about this mod that I never revealed was that this mod started as a simple test for the hpl 2 engine and what I could do with it. That ended up evolving into a 18 month project that I worked on and off for. I originally had no intent of making this mod this sizable or this in depth but it just ended up this way. That should give you a good explanation if you find the initial levels more rudimentary than the later ones, because I frankly had no Idea what I was doing when I started this project. The next project on the other hand I will be taking a lot more time and effort into developing. It will be a game running on unity engine more than likely and if you want to follow me on that endeavor than I will eventually make a moddb page for that project and link it to my account. Regardless it was quite a experience and I thank everyone for the support over its development.

Side Note: If anyone wants me to post the soundtrack in the downloads let me know because I can do that... hopefully

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