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Eleon Game Studios releases Alpha 1.5: In-Game Backup, Infinite Drone Waves, Status Effects, Bug Fixes and many more.

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Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We are excited to present you our new update Alpha 1.5 with a lot of shiny new features, changes & improvements and bug fixes. Overall it is a very diverse update.

A highly requested feature was the possibility to save your current game state while being in-game. This is now possible: Each time you click on the save button it will create a new backup (you can later clean up your games in the Resume Game menu. Manual copies made inside the Resume Game menu have now "_Copy" as a suffix to differentiate them from in-game backups _Backup).

Another highly requested feature was that the content of a device (e.g. cargo box, ammo container, constructor) should be dropped when this device is destroyed. Moreover, we added private faction protection to the Survival Constructor so that it can now only be used by the player that placed it (no more griefing). We also added the possibility to have settings for infinite drone waves that will attack your base - if you enable this setting the corresponding playfield.yaml, the drone attacks will only cease if you destroy the drone base. In addition, status effects such as food poisoning, poisonous bit, open wound etc are more of a threat now because the last longer. You now really need the appropriate remedy to survive.

Finally, we fixed several annoying bugs like the “shooting through terrain” of POI turrets in multiplayer, the fact that drones fell through the terrain when shot in multiplayer, the Offline Protection exploit, the problem that no / very few predators were spawning and several other bugs as documented in the changelog below.

The new spiders:

User Posted Image

Don't let them bit you - when you get infected, the new status effects can drain your health quite a bit:

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

The interior of one of the new alien-infested POIs:

User Posted Image

Some of the new holographic screens:

User Posted Image

The new POI: Fortress P1

CHANGELOG: Alpha 1.5.0

New Features:
- Added in-game backups for single player
- Added new feature that the content of a device (e.g. cargo box, ammo container, constructor etc) is dropped in a box when this device is destroyed
- Added new alien insect (barren planet)
- Added 3 spider NPCs (spawned on e.g. Akua, Omicron, Alien and several other planets)
- Added several new POIs (thanks to Dead8Eye):
* one very well defended structure: Fortress P1
* two alien-infested structures (Mine and Factory) that are defended by Overseer and Nightmare creatures
- Added enhanced Server Browser to display more detailed server configuration data
- Added Dedi command "gents -overview" which shows overview over all structures

- Added private faction protection to Survival Constructor (i.e., Survival constructor can now only be used by the player that placed it)
- Added setting for infinite drone waves that will attack your base (drone attacks will only cease if you destroy the drone base)
- Added more diversity in drone base attacks
- Status effects are more of a threat now (longer duration), food poisoning now also diminishes health
- Added probability to get Food Poisoning to more raw food
- Antidote Pills now also cure Food Poisoning
- Added more epic weapons: Pistol and Plasma Cannon
- More diverse spawning of NPCs on several planets (e.g. snow, barren, lava)
- Added Overseers to Troop Transporter on some planets

Visuals / Audio / Decorations:
- Improved terrain on Akua: denser forest and more grass
- Improved terrain textures and decoration on Skillon and Zeyhines
- Improved texture on Moon
- Added deco blocks: Holographic Screens (they can be found in the Console Blocks group)
- Added night ambience sounds on Omicron
- Added better sound for Epic Sniper
- Added new cactus plants
- Added new rocks on Omicron and Skillon
- Added more details to several rocks when close to them
- Increased night light intensity on: Zeyhines, Aestus, Aitis, Oscutune
- Better open sound for drop container / backpack
- Updated preview icons for Plasma Charges

Changes / Improvements:
- Improved interpolation of drone movement so they will move much smoother on a dedicated server
- Turrets do not fire any more if OP is activated for their structure
- Angle of Escape pod at which enters is now a bit flatter (ie you can now fly further)
- Added new Tier 2 starter SV
- More playfields are set per default to PvP
- Added better names for block shapes (also added localisation for them)
- Simplified grass and decoration items in playfield.yaml
- Opuntia Cactus Spears are now edible
- Better camera position on base turrets
- Added new spawner blocks: Overseer and Nightmare
- Added damage model to space drones and updated their weapon models

- Turret balancing (to make it more challenging to attack a base / POI with a SV):
* Flak Turret: higher rate of fire, lower damage
* Enemy Laser Turret: higher rate of fire, higher speed of projectiles, higher rotation speed, lower damage (now needs around 7 shots to destroy cockpit)
- Re-balanced wood: 1 Wood Log -> 40 Planks, 4 Planks -> 1 Wood Block
- Increased head shot bonus of sniper weapons
- Reduced reload times of all handheld weapons (adapted reload sounds)
- Tweaked Rocket Launcher T2: it is now a SciFi plasma cannon
- Chainsaw cannot destroy rocks, hull blocks and concrete blocks any more
- Increased hitpoints of troop transporter to make it harder to destroy
- Slightly increased overall spawn rate of NPCs

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed problem that no / very few predators were spawning
- Fixed problem that Offline Protection could be circumvented by spawning and exiting mechanisms (now player dies inside an offline protected base of another faction)
- Fixed problem that POI Ion Turrets could shoot through terrain
- Fixed problem that drones fell through the planet when shot down in a distance
- Fixed problem that vessel were sometimes sinking into the ground on a dedicated server
- Fixed problem that auto-loading of turrets used twice the ammo
- Fixed problem that exiting a turret while reloading resulted in loss of ammo
- Fixed problem that enemies did not attack reliable any more
- Fixed jetpack exploits: 1. no longer endless flying when holding N during jetpack usage, 2. permanent flying on planet when coming from orbit
- Fixed problem that constructor did not produce item when logging out while crafting is in progress
- Fixed problem that sometimes grass was floating on slopes
- Fixed problem that sometimes the drone waves were not correctly counted (it could happen that only one wave was launched)
- Fixed problem that weapons vanished from pilots toolbar if passenger boards the vessel
- Fixed problem that creative menu filter sometimes hid items with common properties
- Possible fix for Blueprint overwrite bug
- Fixed problem that chat window was locked when reconnecting after a kick
- Fixed wrong display of very large formatted physical values (e.g. vessel statistics)
- Fixed problem that capacitor was missing bottom texture

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