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Your character will look exactly like you want it! No limits here except for your imagination.

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Been a few days since I've posted an update and I'd like to stop the break now to tell you some things about the character customization options.

In Creation Zero, players won't get the standard armor, boots, helmet equips, but they will be getting something much more. Depth to the extreme!

I'll list everything you can change right here. Check it out--

  • Hair Style
  • Facial Hair
  • Eye Style
  • Nose Style
  • Mouth Style
  • Top
  • Bottom
  • Head (Masks, helmets, etc)
  • Hands (Gloves, watches, etc)
  • Feet (Shoes, socks, etc)
  • Accessory 1 (Capes, shoulder pads, belts, etc)
  • Accessory 2 (Same as acc 1)
  • Hair Color
  • Skin Color
  • Eye Color

Custom Character

All of these are vanity items of course. All of the items listed here have no effect on your characters stats and are completely optional. If you would like to run around in your underwear and still be as strong as an ox, have at it!

Also, a characters name and gender can be selected at the start of creating a character. Aside from this, a nifty little picture snapping tool even allows you to take your own characters snapshot at the start or during the gameplay. This means, you can be wearing whatever you choose, but your snapshot could be your player in a completely different outfit. Yep. Dat depth.

Now, originally, I had plans on talking about something else today, but I thought it would leave people with more questions than answers if I posted the news in my originally planned order.

Now you know that vanity items are in full effect, but what about armors that actually alter your characters stats? Non existent. Now don't get me wrong! Stat boosting quips are in the game, but I'll be talking about the equip system in my next news post. ;-)

Creation Zero will not be following in the line of the standard equips. Enough said for now.

Hope you guys enjoyed the inside look at player customization and are probably getting pretty tired of screenshots in the town only. I assure you that more screenshots (in different locations) are coming soon, but I don't want to give away to many areas just yet.

Latch on, because the ride has only just begun.

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