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After suffering burnout from streaming like a madman and overworking myself. I took a step back and thought long and hard about where to go from here. While I won't be streaming my work in the near future, I've made some drastic changes to the project in hopes of finding a happy medium where I'm making something that matters to me, while also being realistic about the situation I was presented with and my limitations as a solo developer.

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This project was born as a cinematic survival horror game, with a team of 2. Things don't always work out though. My previous game was canceled after 4 years (RIP Survivor Zero) and I, unfortunately, found myself in a familiar situation after many months of grinding, fuck it, I went solo. Pushing 35 years old, I knew I had to downscale in scope if I ever wanted to publish a title on my own before I hit the dreaded milestone of 40. I began to think about starting fresh with a much more feasible FPS title.

I've since found a nice compromise by re-designing the game from scratch while still keeping the core story, art style, and salvaging the 300+ Victorian-era game assets I worked so hard to create.

My aim for Color Out of Space has always been to make a well-crafted indie title that pays homage to my gaming roots. That remains unchanged; as my love for games and my childhood desire to make them one day was spawned from both survival horror and classic FPS genres.

My soft spot for old-school FPS games akin to Quake/Unreal that I grew up on has only grown as I get older; I'm a sucker for that iconic gritty Lovecraftian art style combined with high-intensity action, freedom of movement, grappling hooks, rocket/grenade/nailgun/double jumping, an arsenal of unique weapons, as well as CPMA/GoldSrc/Source Engine style air control and bhopping.

Movement mechanics will be a hybrid of CPMA/Reflex Arena and Quake 4/Slash's crouch sliding, with a ludicrous speed cap. Weaponry will take influence from many games old and new, but especially Painkiller.

My intentions have changed from making a cinematic art piece to now making this game as genuinely fun to play through as possible from a gameplay standpoint. While the storyteller in me will have to wait; I'm happy with the changes. I still achieve the same goals, just from a different angle, with a much higher chance of finishing before dying of old age!

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