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We've been busy working on a lot of issues, as well as new features.

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Hey everybody! We've been busy working on a lot of issues, as well as new features. Here is the list of things:

  • Localisation support. C & G is now available in Portuguese & Turkish.
  • Car class information added to car avatar.
  • Lightmapping was wrong in Windows build, fixed.
  • Mac build big performance update. Some visual FX on the interface was causing glithces and frame drops, we've fixed them. The game is running much more smooth on Macs now. There are still some glitches, we're on it.
  • Crashes. Again some animations were leaving some garbage behind that we think might be the cause for the crashes. Fixed and we'll be watching closely.
  • Car reset key. Reset was keeping car's the rotational data. Fixed, now "reset" does what it says.
  • Class A Championships' rules were broken and Class A European Championship's first race was freezing at the start grid. All fixed.
  • Class A Championship poster alignments are fixed for Macs and smaller screens.
  • "ESC" key disabled in race result screens.
  • "Lebon GT" and "Allegri Rosso" had wheel colliding issues, causing them to leap forward in start grid. Fixed now.
  • Shadows fixed in "Lobby" screen! The screen looks sweet now with new ground shader that allows shadows by using the color that matches the rest of the interface.
  • We've optimized some of the scene models.

    That's it for now.

    Quote of the day
    "I never lose. I only run out of laps, gas or time."
    - Unknown
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