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Something bad happened to Aerial Combat Encounters, however that doesn't mean the project is "over". We're working on resolving the issues 100% if not more!

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BEFORE READING: The game is still in the development! We're telling you this multiple times in this text because we've got some messages on Facebook asking us "why did we quit the project". We didn't quit the project at all, and we're working 100% on the game!
Sad news. It turns out that we will have to create all levels again! We
have already re-created main menu. We will have to create new textures
for a lot of things, mostly maps, since we didn't back them up, because we didn't
expect anything like this to happen. We will have to create all the
terrains again, and try to re-create all of the missions, since we have
written a story, it will be easier. We will try to change some things,
like the glitched textures on terrains, and we'll take this as a good time to do some changes to the storyline, that was made a few months ago, that will happen before re-working the levels. We can already confirm one thing that will be changed: the tutorial level. We didn't quite like it, but we never had the time to change it, because we were working on new game modes and missions. There is a bit of luck in this unlucky set of situations, we
have some things preserved, most importantly, the scripts and models.
We've backed them up, thank god, because only creating the F-22A Raptor took around 20 hours. There are some corrupt files that can't
be replaced because we didn't back them up. There will be no videos and
no pictures for a while, maybe some news on the "repair progress". Be advised, we're not dead!
We're just working hard to fix all of the game issues and make the game
even better!
Aerial Combat Encounters is still in development and
just because there won't be any news for a month or two doesn't mean
we're dead, just that things aren't fixed yet.

Best description and short summary of the problem in one picture:

Some other developers might have had this experience, for those who don't, let us expain:
Every texture became pink due to a major Unity bug, without us moving or replacing any game files.
Some textures and meshes became invisible and cannot change.
Every asset is corrupt and all the scripts are gone (good thing we backed them up!).
Everything's glitched.
Worst part is that it can't be fixed, so we'll need to re-import a lot of stuff and create a lot of new stuff.
Thanks for reading!
Greetings from Croatia!

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