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Changelog for Version 4.1. This will be the article that gets updated once new versions arrive.

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WARNING! The current version of TGC 0.1.5 is very unstable, thus you should except many crashes to occur, it appears that most occur around 1840. The devs. are currently working very hard on releasing a hotfix to stop these crashes from happening.

In the mean time, my current work consists of fixing stuff I have found while playing the game myself. Moreover, the next version 5.1 or 5.2, which will get updated to the hotfix, will contain the "German Revolution of 1848" this will allow you to form Greater/Lesser Germany at 1848, when a player is playing Prussia. Lastly, the next version will overhaul the direct immigration system implemented by TGC. The overhaul will nerf the mechanic and give you more control over the pops, it will also fix the bug of all your immigrants migrating to a "new-worlds" capital province.

Version 5: "Das Finale"


-Reduces pop growth by 10%

-Allows German Pops to be assimilated by MOST countries, except those where they formed long lived exclaves, these countries include*:

-Hungary -Slovakia -Slovenia -Russia -Romania

-The New World* -If at war with either Germany of German Confederation the German Pops will assimilate-

-Netherlands* -If Modifier "Till the Rijn" is active German Pops will assimilate- (3)

-Bohemia* -If Greater Bohemia is formed German Pops will assimilate- (2)

-Allows the Netherlands to rename Belgium at all times (assuming no war)


-Ability to rename parts of Volga to German for the Volga country state

-American Pressure to regain Texas and Cuba: You will have multiple options on how to respond to their demands depending on which option they choose.
*Texas will be first for the events to fire

-Japanese and Russian pressure for Manchuria: You will have multiple options depending on what option they choose to pick.
*Russia will be first for the events to fire

-New Government Type: Federal Constitutional Monarchy

-4 New Colonies

-1 New Flag for Germany, if conditions are meet -See Politcal Stuff file in decisions-

-properly renames Alsace

-properly gives names to cities in Poland when under German control

-allows renaming of Lowlands, area around Dunkerque, Denmark, parts of Belarus, and Ukraine to German

-proper German names for south Africa

-ability to rename Qingdao to Tsingtao

-Swedish names for Pomerania/Estonia/Ingryia

-Polish names for all of Silesia/Westprussia/Eastprussia/Pomerania

-Polish names for all of former Poland-Lithuania

-Polish names for parts of Brandenburg+Dresden (1)

-Czech names for Silesia-Czech names for former bohemian crown lands (or as close as it gets), i.e Dresden and Cottbus (2)

-Treaty of Krakau (1) :

-Allows annexation of parts of Brandenburg&removes German cores on provinces in Silesia/Posen/Westprussia/Eastprussia

-Treaty of Prague (2):

-Allows formation of Greater Bohemia, this will allow assimilation of German Pops&removes cores on Bohemian lands

-Allows renaming of Birkenfeld/Homburg/Kaiserslautern to French

-Changes the Renaming Rheinland decision to give better flow

-Allows Renaming of the Rhineland to Dutch -ONLY THE REGION RHINELAND-

-Treaty of Rotterdam (3):

-Removes German cores on Rhineland+Nordhorn and gives the Dutch the ability to assimilate German Pops

-Treaty of Nancy:

-Trades Wallonia and Metz for Dunkerque and removal of French cores on Alsace

-2 Treaties for Germany on the annexation of the Lowlands:

-The one for the Dutch has two variations, i.e. Total annexation or banishment to the East Indies -

Belgium annexation allows the treaty of Nancy to take place

-Gives Korea Japanese Province names when under Japanese rule

-Reichspakt feature -Gives various perks to countries depending on what they have (politically/industrially)

-Prevents (stops) war between members thru use of events that "end_war = x"

-Ability to invite and members to leave this Pact

-Relationship needs to be 180+ for them to join

-Relationship below 50 allows them to leave Pact

-Enables treaty "Polish Question":

-Allows giving Poland parts of Eastern Germany, with major polish populations

-Possible Members in order of most likely to accept ( you have unlimited attempts to invite them* )

-Estonia/Latvia/Banat 90%

-Lithuania 85%

-Finland 75%

-Ukraine/Belarus 60%

-Austria-Hungary/Austria/Danubian Federation/Netherlands/Luxembourg 50%

-Bohemia/Czechoslovakia 45%

-Slovakia*/Hungary* 40%

-Spain 25%

-Poland 20%

-Denmark/Sweden/Norway/Scandinavia 15%

*Some countries cannot be invited if a rival is already in the pact.


-Lithuania not being able to be renamed

-Renaming Brest now works properly

-Renaming of East and West Galicia fixed

-Jaroslaw and Wadowice now get Russian names

-Incorrect province names in some places (mostly Europe)

-Polish names for Latvia decision now firing properly

-Fixed Government type not changing name properly

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