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Imminent is a first-person psychological horror game in which the player will have to do the given tasks in order to unveil the mysteries and the future of the character and this is our second post sharing updates about it!

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Hello everyone, this is our second post about our game, Imminent.

For the past weeks, we've been working on what we intend to be the character's concept, therefore having a couple thumbnails, sketches and concepts drawn, in order to decide which one is going to fit the best.

We have implemented the inspect mechanic, along with a task system which will tell the player the task he has to perform in order to progress in the game and as you can check out on the video below, we've been testing it for the last couple weeks.

We too have done a new level blockout, based on the initial one but with some changes, but now it has all the correct measurments according to a general house in real life.

You can check all of these down below.

We hope you enjoy!

If you want to check and give us a follow, you can find us on Instagram at: Instagram.com

Here are the images and the video:

Here you can see the sketches/thumbnails for the character




Here is the video testing the new mechanic:

Here are the images of the updated blockout:

blockout new

blockout new 1

Thank you for checking our post!

Upheaval Games

Inspect_Object - Indie DB

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