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The team at Cat Banana Studios pushed a major update patch for the Imagine Nations Demo. The patch updates and fixes are listed inside.

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We've launched our first patch for the Kickstarter Demo aiming to resolve some of the performance issues while resolving a few bugs found. Over the past few days, we've done some tests on performance and found that most of the major FPS crushing scenarios have been on AMD graphics card. We're looking into why this is the case, as the nVidia cards we've tested have been able to run it at a playable rate. Click the image below to go to the download page.

If you are having issues running the demo, please post at Catbananastudios.com or in the comments here and we will look into ways to resolve them.

The current version should be greatly improved, and offer the ability to control resolution as well as whether shadows and visual effects are turned on.


  • Resolved some performance issues, but there seems to be some confirmed issues on AMD graphics cards that cannot be reproduced on Nvidia. Still investigating.
  • Added splash page with controls and basic tips to play the demo
  • Added ingame menu by hitting Escape which allows controls for resolution, shadows, screen effects, sound/music volume, and a way to exit the game without Alt+F4
  • Fixed final cart mission to allow the player to grab the cart and return to granary
  • Defaulted speed to run. Can switch with Caps Lock.

- The Imagine Nations Team

Imagine Nations on Kickstarter
Imagine Nations on Steam Greenlight

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