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I loved playing Surgeon Simulator so here is a teaser to a game I'm working on in tribute to it.

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I'm still in the process of deciding if I'll release this to the public for free or for a small price and
I think a decision like that will depend on the content I put within the game and the extent I go to market it.

But for now I'll continue expanding the playability of the game so it is worth the price people would be paying if one is to be put on it.

I have added some objects to the game that may be considered a bit naughty, crude, not for children's eyes but it is all in good fun I believe.

As for the game itself I think it's fairly self explanatory if you've ever seen Surgeon Simulator, just twist that with being a "chef" and you have INRACS.
Of course I'll do my best to add other defining features that are just in INRACS as well as a number of locations recipes and utensils which will give the game diversity.

As of now there is one location which is just your regular kitchen, which is basically finished so I will start this week working on others such as:

School Cafeteria
Space and/or Underwater
Food Van
Back of a moving ute
and so on.

You will notice in this short video that you as the player are wearing a watch...now we all know that people hate their food being late so yes you're expected to complete your recipes within a time frame.
I just assumed it would be easier to keep track of how long you have left if it was right in front of the player, rather then pinned around the out skirts of the canvas.

As well as that you will be able to pin your recipe on the wall in front of you so you know what you're doing.

So yeah...Here's the video.

Excuse the render quality, still figuring this public stuff out.

If you'd like to contact me about anything please do so at:

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