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Post news RSS UPDATE: Opinions on "Event Horizon" -- I'm done for now.

Opinions on "Event Horizon" situation at the end. My closing statements on this community (for now), but please read because I am not totally leaving.

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For now, I'm done with making mods. Maybe at some point I will make another solo project, but for now, I will not be. I will be up for working on other people's projects, so contact me if you need help, but for now, don't expect any solo projects from me. Thanks for reading, and I wish this community stays strong for many more years. But the Clockman says maybe not. (ps. sorry for strange dog preview picture, it was the first picture i could find)

On "Event Horizon" Custom Story:

This is truly heartbreaking. The way people are slamming this is horrible. This community will go NO WHERE if this keeps up. We need to welcome people to the community if we want to keep it alive. If anything, seeing this makes ME want to leave this community even more. But, I know that this comment section is not representative of the community as a whole.

Edit: Also, this may not be a kid. Looking at his "Games" section in his profile, he seems to know how to make games (or at least I think he does...) so it is possible that this wasn't made on purpose? Also this man made CS's back around 2012-2013. Or, he is just not capable of making a high level mod, which is 100% o.k, because as I see it, any supportive and not harmful contribution to this community is a good one.

Also: this is such an old mod, why slam it now? because you found it?
Back when it was made it didn't impact the community, so why now?


This is heartbreaking to see ;_;

You were one of those people who did everything to keep the community alive for as long as possible, thank you for the great moments your mods gave to not only me but the whole community. Good luck!

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OddStuff Author

Thank you! I will return and make some sort of project at some point if I get an idea for something. Good luck to you as well on your endeavors!

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OddStuff Author

again, contact me if you need help on your project, ill see if I can help. This is just me stopping solo projects.

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