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This is my baby, a game I've been working on in the shadows for two years. I'm creating a culmination of all the great elements of retro sidescrolling games, and mixing in new-age ideas. The game already has 7 unique weapons, 6 powerups, 30 hats and several types of enemies. Singleplayer and Multiplayer (LAN) are fully functional.

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This game is my baby. I've been working on this video game in the dark for two and a half years, only a handful of people have seen it. When I saw the dawn of the N64 and the PSX, I saw the death of the sidescrolling genre as a staple of the game industry. Once the third dimension arrived, no one wanted to tap the potential of a 2d shooting game anymore. It's time for the category to have its justice.

Seven Unique Weapons
Games nowadays have many, many weapons. There's a problem I have with their large selection of weapons, they're basically the same weapon but they have a different model and a few tweaked variables. When I was designing weapons, I wanted each one to be unique from the rest. Each weapon should be best used in a different situation. There are advantages and disadvantages to each.


The chainsaw is a very iconic weapon, but it's useless from a distance


The AK4 is more or less the 'average' rifle you see in games. The AK4 is good at short to medium range.

Orb Gun

The orb gun shoots slower moving 'orb's that do significantly more damage. The orb gun is useless at medium to long range, deadly up close.


The shotgun is also a very standard weapon in video games today. The shotgun has a spray of five bullets with each shot.


The rpg packs some serious damage. If you aim for the feet, it will kill in one shot. You can also use the RPG as a tool, if you master rocket jumping you will get places exponentially faster. With precision, the RPG is murder at any range.

Grenade Launcher

I took a different route when I made the grenade launcher. This weapon fires five grenades in sequence that will explode on contact (unless they bounce first). You can set explosive traps with practice


The railgun is a classic deathmatch weapon that has almost disappeared in recent years. This railgun is extremely hard to aim when in motion, and it takes a while to 'charge' up the shot that can tear through walls and kill in one hit.

Six Unique Powerups
The concept I had for the weapons stayed the same for the powerup. Each powerup is different from the last one, and each one has strengths and weaknesses.

Ninja Rope

The ninja rope has a pretty big learning curve. It takes a while for someone to grasp the concept of swinging on a hybrid bouncy rope/stick thing, but once you get it... you're flying.


Moonboots allow you to engage 'low gravity' on yourself with right click. As soon as you shoot, its disengaged. You can jump higher and higher by jumping in sequence.


These boots push you up and off of walls. If you find two walls next to eachother, you can climb to the top with a little bit of timing.


The backpack drops three explosive charges when you right click. These explosives have a much bigger boom, and can be used to clear out an area.


With the umbrella you can float to places you wouldn't normally be able to get to. You can also stay just out of reach and rain rockets on your foes.


Invisibility is useful for getting out of really tight situations, but as soon as you shoot again you're out in the open.

Keptron - - 509 comments

Looks interesting to bring this concept of game back again

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[-Ex-]Mercury - - 21 comments

i do miss side scrollers like contra and megaman, defiantly tracking

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itsjustguy - - 64 comments

i just lost the game

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Avenger2150 - - 496 comments

How about thouse weapons:
Rocket Launcher:
Grenade Launcher:

Is there a chance you'll be adding a pistol as a secondery weapon ?
or a SMG ? if so then here are ideas for them


Sorry if there are too much links ^^

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djoslin Author
djoslin - - 126 comments

I plan on redoing most of the graphics when I get around to it. I don't want to download other peoples work and just put it in, but I'll use those links as reference. Thank you.

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TheLP - - 220 comments

Sounds awesome, tracking. :)

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Avenger2150 - - 496 comments

No problem

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