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Little news about my break on the IFSCL and when the next version might be released. Also an answer about music buttons on the interface, and the *little surprise* in the end, with a little tip for Linux Users.

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Hi everyone, I hope this news will answer to many of your questions :

About Working on the next Version of the IFSCL

I haven't been working on IFSCL since the last release, (only fixed some minors bugs). I plan the re-work on it before the end of the year, but I absolutely do not know if I'm gonna release anything before 2013, I hope I will be able to make you some IFSCL christmas gift like the last year..

We will see. If there is anything I can say, as usual, I will inform you in time on every social network related to IFSCL (like IndieDB).

Little question about Music Buttons on the Interface

Some of you might have noticed them since they can be toggled to visible with the third button of the transfer bar.
Obviously, they are intended to control some music features, but I think I will make some sort of an empty file where you will be able to put you're music (even code lyoko's one of course). Because it would be too illegal if I put official code lyoko's music. As I already say, IFSCL is a fan work, a reproduction of an already existing work, so it's half legal and accepted. (under the fan creation sacred law so...)

About Future Version on LINUX

it appears that Linux isn't anymore supported by Adobe Air, so they do not have released AIR 3.2, whereas I've just updated IFSCL 2.0.5 for that new version.

There are actually two options :

  1. I let Linux users use some Windows Emulation to make it work.
  2. I release each time a specific (downgraded version) for Linux users, there won't be much difference, but It might be less performant.

Of course I've choosen the first solution for now, but If there are enough Linux users of the IFSCL who asks it, I might take the time for this.

The little surprise of October

You've been teased that I was gonna release/tell/do anything about a little gift in the end of october about IFSCL.
Type in the IFSCL command box the following code : riversongspoiler


I don't understand what the riversongspoiler command will or is being used for, and are they naked in those pictures?

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Immudelki Author

There is a description on the page revelead with the code, there is no more stuff, it's only what it is.
Yes they are naked. People who really knows the original interface wells what it refers to.

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a cool addition would be custom lyoko warriors. there are empty virtualization slots after you virtualize everybody. it would be quite easy for the user to do. the command to type in could be for example virt(scann) or virt(new). then just add a picture of the person and give it a name. the scan can just be of a basic male or female model, depending on which gender is chosen when creating that lyoko warrior. that would definitely attract more attention to this already addictive program.

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Immudelki Author

You're the 10000th to ask me that and as always, you don't read what I already says : It's not the aim of the IFSCL, and it's way much harder to do than you might think.

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