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This week we have some real goodies to show you in the process of our game development on every front!

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Those of you more astute might remember that in one of our last posts we mentioned how video games were expensive to make, right? Well...

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And if you're new either to our project or the game dev scene, welcome and please don't be discouraged by that number, or the fact that taxes really hit us hard as beginners! There's always a way if your project is good enough, just remember to put in the work. That's all that we here at Mecrow Studio, and by studio I mean each of us working separately from our individual homes, have been focused on lately as we have a presentation due this week. So without further due, let me present to you some artwork from our talented artist!


Meet our main character! He's depicted this way because he's going to be inside his little robot for most of the time you'll be controlling him (all of which is already completed and I'm purposefully creating suspense to give you something to look forward to next week) but don't worry, he doesn't mind.



And here we have part of some of the goons that he'll be going up against! They look a little tired, don't they? Well, if you were stuck in a colossal tower as old as the land itself with nothing to show for entertainment except when a bird runs into one of the traps, you'd be tired too!

ApplicationFrameHost 979KjoOjuK 1

Lastly, here's one final peek at how our prototype looked in Unity before we put in any of the art. Stay tuned next week, more specifically between Monday and Tuesday (but don't stay up all night waiting, that's unhealthy!) to see a whole bunch of cool stuff. Hope to see you then!

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