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Post news RSS I really hate to do this: One last push backwards for next demo release

Sorry guys. Basically stating about me moving the release date back again.

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Once again, I have to push the date back.
Not too far, but I have to.
Since High School has just started again for me, I'm busy getting a lot of crap done, and I can't exactly have the time tomorrow to release the game.
So, that being said, I've pushed it to the weekend.
Saturday or Sunday.
The main reason I've done this is because of these reasons I took into account:
1.) It'd be on a day I have no work and assignments to do, and I can spend my free time prepping for release and releasing.
2.) It's a day most of you also don't have school or work, so you could play the game in relaxation of the weekend.
3.) I still need to add a few more things and test a bit more, so this helps give me an extra bit of time.
4.) I have some bugs I need to fix on top of this, with the new menu.

This is the last time I push it back.
I'm serious, hold this against me if I do it again. Tell me "YOU SAID NO MORE AFTER THIS ONE" and I'll kick my own rear into gear.
I hate to do this, especially since I've noticed the people that have enjoyed the game, but I also want this to be a much better experience than 0.0.5. And I just can't get it done during the week if I'm busy with a lot of other stuff.
I'll post again when I'm releasing the next build this weekend, so keep an eye out.
I'm very sorry, again, guys.

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