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One boy dreams to make games. This is where I begin.

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As people may be excited about this I'll explain myself a little, Updates will be slow but gradual as I never get much free time to work on my Custom story.
I am fully aware that their may be decent Custom stories for Amnesia: A Machine for pigs by the time this one comes out.

So let me talk a little about what I'm trying to do.
The Shadow Returns will be a potential sequal to the Dark Descent, You will be in the shoes of Daniel... again.
Now immediately you may be thinking, "oh no not a another one of those stupid spin-offs", I'm telling you now that this won't be a spin off, and you're probably thinking "yeah, thats what they al say", I can't really argue with that bcause that is what they all say.
But seriously this one will be different, This intends to be a full length game and possibly with voice acting.

Now about myself as a custom story creator, I've... Never...Made...A...Custom...Story, and yet I'm making a really big project,I am working on this story alone, I have no knowlege of Scripting and very little expeirance with the level editor, It must of been embaressing to look at me celebrate when I manged to make light come out of the window.

So as I've said updates will be slow and gradual, but they will be there and thats the main thing.
When I show pictures of my maps I will not be showing ingame screenshots, I do not wish to show you what the map itself looks like ingame, I wish to leave everything as a big surprise for you.
only when said game is finished will I show ingame screen shots.
I will loose my internet in the next 9 weeks so at some point updates will stop but when I get the internet back I will show you all the work I'd been doing since.

Oh and one more thing, everyone and anyone can comment me ideas of what should be implemented into the map, couch,chairs,books,paintings et cetera.
I want you all to be a part of making the game almost as much as I.
I will take all comments into consideration and do what I can to make the game suited to your play styles.


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