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Flaming Flamingo will launch Hot Shot Burn via Steam early access on August 15, with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch versions planned for the future. The brief picture I was provided of this game’s potential in the developer’s smartly-designed Evo booth makes me excited for the day when I can get my friends and family together and blow them up with a puffed up fish monster, talking smack the entire time.

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"In addition to hardcore competition, Evo 2019 has also provided a decent chunk of floor space for independent developers to show off their games. Flaming Flamingo took advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate its upcoming game, Hot Shot Burn, in a simulated living room environment, complete with an extra-large couch for attendees to lounge on as they play. And after spending a little while with this cute top-down shooter, one thing is for sure: I can’t wait to demolish my friends and family when it’s finally available in real living rooms.

Hot Shot Burn is a competitive multiplayer game that combines the basics of old-school 2D games like Combat with the varied hero selection of Overwatch. Up to four players can get in on the action, choosing from a cast of space gladiators that includes an adorably disgusting fish monster, a Mr. T knock-off, and a teleporting rogue, just to name a few. Each character is distinguished by their basic attack and a unique ability: The fish monster, for instance, can puff itself up to become invulnerable for a few seconds, while the game’s version of Mr. T surrounds himself with flames and surges forward, killing anyone in his way"

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