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When suddenly your game is live and you thought the page would stay hidden till you hit that button. The 0.6.7 updated includes working escape windows in multiplayer.

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Hello everyone,

this is the first time I write news when updating my game rather than simply post a download link and a changelog.

I am live

When I added an article to this page, uploaded some images and a version I was greeted by a button which I thought should be pressend when you want to make your project visible for everyone. I didn't press it an thought I have time to polish some features, make a video and work on some more images for posting news and versions and such. Suddenly I got an E-Mail which told me my project was approved, which I thought means that I can hit that button.
But... I got suspicious when it was gone, so I asked a friend if he could visit this page and he could. Well, now my project is live and I haven't polished a thing yet.

Regarding virus alarms

I'm well aware, that a lot of virus tools will detect malware when running the PowerHeroes.exe. The reason is quite simple, it's a compiled Powershell script which triggers generic malware / adware / spyware heuristics. You can always use the script version which you can find on Github, or compile it yourself. The problem with powershell scripts is quite the same. Running a script that is not signed (which mine is not) from a websource is forbidden by default. Depending on your settings you might change the restrictions but thats something I'd not recommend at all.

Whats new?

Well, there isn't much in this version. I've added escape menus in multiplayer which should work fine now. Sadly most functions, other than leaving the game and closing the menu, aren't working yet.

Whats next?

Next feature is handling client and server connection losses correctly.

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