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I quickly threw together a site for the game, and in 2 languages!

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I quickly threw together a website to promote my game, partially to get back into coding with HTML and CSS, because it's been years, and I've gotten a little rusty.

You know, I've come to realise how exhausting doing everyone yourself can be, I've just about finished the game bar one minor glitch, and I gave myself a week to create a website, so I can move on to my next project on schedule, which isn't a major problem, seeing that I can throw together a meh website in a day, but still, the preassure, man... Also, I'm a little ill, so that might be contributing to how I'm feeling right now...

Anyway, here it is: Gamerstorm.ucoz.net

Right now, I have made a Scots and an English version of the site, you can switch to either at the bottom of the page. I was thinking of translating the site into Scottish Gaelic and Italian, since I'm studying those languages, but when it came to actually doing them, I'd have a lot of trouble doing the Italian version, and I'd be helpless with the Gaelic version! I might try them anyway, since I have 14 days to do them, and there's not much text on the actual sites, but I won't anounce them being made, so if you stumble across the article and see the version up, then cool, but if not, meh...

If anyone would like to help me with translating the sites, then that'd be cool, drop me a message... but who am I kidding, nobody reads these, do they?

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