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First update patch after launch of Hypersensitive Bob is now out!

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First post-launch update includes;


  • Added darkness music
  • Added bossfight music
  • Added manual reloading
    • (You may have to rebind this in options, if using custom mappings)
    • Removed non-directional attacking
  • Added new levels that might appear during run
  • Added more item visuals for characters
  • Added new enemy variations


  • Fixed shuttle door opening delay on home scene
  • Fixed progress bar staying above black screen after exiting store
  • Fixed issue where player could die when entering shuttle and breaking game
  • Fixed some audio effects being too loud and not affected by options volume
  • Fixed issue where player reload indicator wasn't displaying correct time
  • Fixed Vaccine Machine info not displayed correctly
  • Fixed some cases where enemies could travel through boxes


  • Changed Antidepressant to Legendary tier
  • Added info how to unlock characters
  • Changed how music is played through game
  • Changed how invulnerability items work with new manual reloading
  • Reduced level change time
  • Reduced Bob and Bill reload time
  • Added info how to unlock characters
  • Changed enemy spawns on many levels
  • Reduced Lightning bee movement speed
  • Increased Gloomshroom attack delay slightly
  • Increased Porcupine attack delay slightly
  • Reduced Slimey health
  • Increased vaccine drops from chests
  • Reduced Porcupine projectile speed
  • Nerfed some waves on some levels


For next update we're working with new content and some gameplay changes. We're thinking of changing diagonal attacking to be more easy, but still a bit unsure how that will affect the overall balance of the game. We have heard your feedback of this, but would like to hear a bit more. Would you like to have easier diagonal shooting, keeping it same, or no diagonal shooting at all?

That's all for now, have a good one!

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