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New Garden map, T-Rex, Jetpack, Slot Machine, improvements and lots more!

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garden trex release

Quickly. Build a turret and protect the HYPER-CORE, because this is a big update with an even bigger Dinosaur! Don't worry, we have you covered. You can now build a Teleporter to quickly escape or charge into battle. And don't forget about the Gliders. They're not very friendly.

If you haven't yet purchased HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed, you can now grab it at a great price in the Steam Summer Sale!

Because of your feedback, Unboxed is becoming better and better. From all of us at DCC and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping us develop this game! Now get in-game and kick some dino-butt!

Remember to join us on Discord.

New Content / Fixes:

  • New Garden Map WIP!

  • New TRex Boss Enemy

  • New Glider Plane Enemy

  • New Teleporter Buildable!

  • Improved Player vault system. Climbing now more reliable and easier for new players!

  • New Heads, Skins and weapon materials to unlock!

  • Added new Jetpack attachment

jetpack Hcu

Moderate Fixes:

  • Game now shows the number of Waves that you have completed

  • Collecting jump markers now displays the number you have collected out of how many in the level

  • Improved input handling with regards to interrupting actions (E.g. Melee attack while holding fire, continues to fire after melee is complete)

  • Fixed crash issue when changing video settings

  • Fixed crash issue when changing level

  • New physics actor system allows for more physical objects in the world that don't interrupt enemy movement

  • Fixed Demolisher getting stuck on Kitchen map

hcu garden gliders

Minor Fixes:

  • Kitchen new waves and balancing

  • Fixed Jeeps not attacking cores

  • Improved performance on Toy Palace

  • New Collectables on Garden map

  • Trap kills are now counted towards "turret kills" in the game stats

  • Improved enemy highlighting effect on low graphics

attic machine

Misc Fixes:

  • Fixed strange input bug causing players to spin around uncontrollably

  • Added foliage quality setting to video options.

  • Kitchen map new props, designs, details and optimisations.

  • Optimised ragdoll animation system

  • Fixed enemy gunshot sounds getting 'cut off'

  • Fixed missing collision on castle props

rex hcu

Thank you and see you in-game! - Joe
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