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A rundown of Hydro Park and the introduction of a new gathering place.

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Another update has risen from the depths of Sonic Mobian Rush. Lately wile waiting for my laptop screen to arrive, i managed to fix my old computer until then. I have been putting most of my focus into creating Hydro Park Act 1, witch is coming out great! But yesterday i decided to take some time off from Hydro Park and started to Build up a forum for all our fans and staff to go and chat. This way it would be easier for everyone to go to one central place.

//Hydro Park Run Down\\

Hydro park is about... i wanna say, maybe 5% done. Not counting the textures. So far the stage is pretty strait forward in terms of level design. Similar to Unleashed or Generations, a nice long speed oriented path. But the section im on currently, will be more Adventure styled. Wide open spaces and areas to explore for hidden items. Now this will present a small problem for the level design.

Hydro Parks design is influenced strongly by Chemical Plant, Classic & Generations. There are water pipes and water filtration systems all over. Problem being that the way Chemical Plant is, its strait forward and has no open areas to explore. Hydro Park is speed oriented but Sonic will have the same speed in Generations or Unleashed but it wont be so fast to the point where when you turned you slid across the floor doing the "Moon Walk". That would limit the level design dramatically. So here it is. How to keep Sonic's speed without hindering him with the level design. Yes some areas will REQUIRE you to slow down but not by to much. I want the player to be fast enough to pass through the level at a reasonable speed wile being able to spot the hidden items and short cuts. Yes i said Short Cuts.

Other than that, So far the stage plays really well with a test character ball. Some areas need fixing and tuning like when you run strait up a hill as an example.

//The Forum\\

Sonic Connections is a Sonic Community and so the Community should have a place to chat and discuss things. That is the main reason i created the forum, s o the community can come together and chat. The forum is for everyone the Staff have their own section for development or projects and everyone else has the default sections like, General Chatter about Sonic and the news and announcements. Reminder that the Forum is under heavy construction at the moment and my not be done for a wile. But if you wish to check it out, click on this link. Sonic Connections Forum.

Well that pretty wraps up the news for now. Ill post again once more progress is made on SMR until then.

Later guys!

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