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Hundred Days at EGX Leftfield Collection and a little preview of the new UI

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Little announcement: if you will be visiting EGX next week in London, we will be showcasing Hundred Days for the first time ever (😬) in the Leftfield Collection area.
Here some information about EGX: Egx.net
And here a list of other awesome indie friends showcasing at Leftfield with us: Egx.net

For the unfortunate that won't be able to attend, almost a month ago we spent a little bit of time in the vineyards in our area to check the ripeness status of the grapes before the harvest started.

We encountered some final stages of "invaiatura": grape changing color, you can still see some small green grapes with photosynthetic activity, lower sugar level (3-5%), really acidic and with compact texture.

We also noticed some crop thinning: the process of cutting clusters of fruits in order to allow the vine to give nutrients to the biggest and better grapes.

In the video you can see a little bit of comparison with what's actually happening into the game (still work in progress, there is a ton of stuff to fix) and the reality, we hope you like the result.

ps: you can see also a little preview of the new UI design, let us know in the comment if you like it :)

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