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One of the longest enduring and inhabiting role-playing games, the Humans and Monsters is similar to that of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and offers a much, much deeper RPG experience.

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Ellis Studios

• Windows PC Rpg
• Turn-based, strategic combat with over 500 enemies
• Lots of Crafting and jobs
• Huge World to explore
• More than 100 hours of game play
• 100's of Quests
• Buy and sell houses!
• Lots of skills and spells with different domains
• Npcs and Characters have there own story to tell

SO. MUCH. CONTENT. Measured against its production values, this game provides the player with an amount of quality content unmatched, I believe, in any other RPG. The diversity of encounters, spells, quests and, well, just about everything, makes Humans and Monsters a one-of-a-kind complete experience. The combat is turn-based. Humans and Monsters have everything I look for in an RPG: a multitude of quests, an extreme amount of unique and interesting loot, a myriad of monsters to fight (over 500), and a story which, while not exactly Shakespeare material, is quite solid and memorable. In my opinion, this is pretty much the perfect RPG.

Many memorable Characters and Npc's all with there own story to tell. Replay value is very good because recruiting different Characters can change alot of things.

The game is huge, (Play testers have said well over 100 hours) with lots of different areas to explore brimming with content. Especially Bellmonia, the capital of Moryar, it is a joy to explore, and is definitely the best designed city in any computer RPG, with every inch of real estate used to good effect. The combat is turn-based with lots of strategy many magic spells and skills, which is the main reason most people love Humans and Monsters. Compared to the turn-based Gold Box games, there are far more options here when it comes to skills, abilities, spells, items and monster variety, as well as the better AI. Combined with the best encounter design of any RPG.

You will find so many different places to explore, cities, towns, villages, camps, dungeons, caves, towers, lots of hidden areas to find. So many different types of jobs, like fishing, hunting, mining, lumberjacking, alchemy, blacksmithing just to name a few. Buy and sell houses.

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