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As you might have noticed, there has been no version 0.84. This is because we had a major bug. We only managed to make a workaround, so if the game needs 2 full minutes to load the very first time, this is normal. This should not occur the next times.

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Patch note v0.85:

patch note on steam greenlight


- Daily Events: every morning, an event will occur that can have multiple effects on yourself or on the ship. More information will be displayed in the morning logs.

- Player cannot move anymore when it's the end of the day.

- SplashScreen: pressing echap will only skip 1 splash screen, not all of them.

- Oxygen display should now occur every second instead of every frame.

- First achievement: Survive 1 day (on Steam only).


- Corrected smoke fx on Big Air Recyclers (should not go through walls anymore)

- Reflection Probes of non-square rooms have been disabled due to a Unity bug when we rotate the rooms. We will need to wait for Unity to release a fix (they say they are working on it).

- Reduced the reflection intensity of Laboratory.

- Doors switch material optimization.

- Options now displaying a numeric value for "sensitivity", "brightness" and the volume options.

- Corrected R09 and R58 static and doors.

- Logs window size should now adapt to every screen resolution.


- Unity Analytics implemented to know a little more about the configuration of our players.


Patch note v0.86:

patch note on steam greenlight


- New Daily Events : Healing Machinery Failure, Scraper Malfunction, Garbage Disposal Failure, Cleaning Service Breakdown, Water Recycler Malfunction, Air Recycler Malfunction. New total of different daily events is 23.

- Alarms will no longer be triggered by acrycine. Only Fire and Breaches will (broken objects also in next update).


- Temperature management room R39 is coming


- Option Audio : new slider for music.


- Resolved major bug of long loading time (light bake quality has suffered a little to resolve that, but it's still beautiful enough and we are working on other ways to improve it)

- Option Keybinding debugged and now with a scrollbar

- Log has been improved, allowing us to manually set a number of letters per line.

See you soon for Hull breacH update 0.87 !

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