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Special big thanks to all our supporters for the #12 rank out of the Greenlight Top100! And for helping us reaching the top100 of the Indie Game of the Year Award.

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We have been working this week to improve your player experience. Send us your feedback to help us solve the major problems that we may encounter.

Patch note v 0.78:


  • "You are here" maps finally added in a lot of corridors of the ship.
  • You can now hold the right click button to see the stats of the room you are currently in.
  • 2 new rooms added: R56 and R59 (Auxilliary Air and Water Recycling).
  • Items can now stack in the inventory. And the overall code has been changed, so it's a lot smoother and stable.
  • Move speed is now influenced byt the Weight you carry (minor malus at 125, medium malus at 150, major malus at 175).
  • Scrollbar added to the inventory menu.


  • Improved design for the Logs window.
  • Improved design for the Main Menu buttons.
  • New design for the Options. Work still in progress.


  • New sound design for the Main Menu.
  • Footsteps volume now added to Audio options.


  • Key Binding Menu now displays a scrollable list for more options. Work Still in Progress.
  • New actions and key bindings: Close Inventory with E. Take All with F. Control the Log Manager with End, Page Up and Page Down.
  • All containers emissives fixed in storage bays.
  • Small Vibrating Stick is now limited to 1 per day.
  • Putting out a fire will now protect a room from fires for a short period of time.
  • Small glitch removed in the interface where texts remained black. Now refresh correctly.
  • Developer cheat codes added. Dont try to find them!
  • The left screen on the desks of all cabins is now random.
  • Bug Fixes on T0 - R32 for the occlusion culling. Also, all cabins have a larger occlusion box.

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Thanks you everyone for your amazing support. We Have Now reached the 12th position on Steam Greenlight...and that's because of you! We all thank you so much.

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Of course you can still help by voting on Greenlight:


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Or Support us on IndieDB :

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Wish you the best !

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