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A huge update will be coming soon that will go a bit more in depth on the sequel to Project Smallbot. Everything from the title, to the gameplay and story will be shed upon in this update. The updates will also include brand new teaser images as well.

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Hey guys! Just announcing that a huge updates will be coming around August or September for the sequel to Project Smallbot. I'm sorry for the lack of new news to talk about lately. I've been working very hard on the game for a while now and the process has been going rather smooth thanks to the new engine I'm using and the recent time I have available to developing the game. This update will be something not to be missed as it will reveal a lot of new information about the game, from the new title of the game, to the story! I'll even release 2 teaser images as well!

I've been working on this game for almost a year now and I'm super eager to reveal it to the people who are waiting for it! You'll be very surprised on how different this game is compared to the original. Everything from the level design to the overall presentation will be boosted enable to make a great sequel to Project Smallbot. Be sure to be on the lookout for the new big updates coming soon! And again

Thank you for your time and patience!


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